Often times I’m asked by our readers what’s one thing that every good photographer should know, what makes for a good wedding photography and the answer to that questions is fairly obvious to any good photographer, it’s lighting.

Lighting is very important for a good photography

Obviously lighting isn’t the only thing that needs to be good in order to have good photographs. You still need to have good camera, proper camera settings, etc. However, lighting does play one of the major roles that can make or break a photograph. That’s why it’s important to look through the photographs portfolio and check to see if their photographs are properly lit.

It’s not easy to a layman to see if lighting is off, but it’s not that difficult to spot shoddy lighting practices. Photos should have just enough lighting to provide good color balance. That’s means dark colors should overpower white, and vice versa. There are many examples online of good and bad lighting photographs, so I won’t go into too much detail here. All that’s important, what you need to know is that lighting is something to be on the lookout when choosing your photographer.