Times being what they are, many brides to be are looking for ways to cut down wedding costs, and in the hopes to achieve just that we at Salons 113 have come up with a cool new concept in flower decor, renting silk flowers, or as some would call it, fake flowers. With silk flowers, you don’t have to pay for expensive fresh flowers, which will afterwards just end up on the landfill.

Wedding flower decor on the budget – renting silk flowers

I mean don’t get us wrong. There are definitely advantages to having real, fresh flowers at the wedding, but when you are on the budget, flowers are an item that can be used to save money. That’s why we’ve devised the silk flowers renting scheme.

Our silk flowers are very realistic, and you would have to come up real close to them, probably even touch them, in order to tell that it is in fact not fresh. By using silk flowers, you could end up cutting your flower costs in half, or even more, depending on what kind of floral decor it is that you want. If you are on a budget, and you want to save money, renting our silk flowers is a great method how you can do just that. Trades off to using fresh flowers are there, but they are minimal. So get in touch with us about our silk flower renting and we’ll explain everything in more detail.