A lot of couples who come to our photo studio and ask us to photograph their wedding often don’t know much about what kind of methods of photography are currently popular. That’s why I decided I should write a bit about some of the more popular modern wedding photography practices, starting with natural wedding photography, what it is, and is it something that you might want your photographer to employ at your wedding?

What is natural wedding photography and do I want it for my wedding?

If you thought that natural wedding photography is when the photographer takes you out in the woods, in the countryside or somewhere in nature to pose and take photos, that’s not it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Natural wedding photography means that instead forcing the wedding party to pose for photos, the photographer takes most of the shots without interrupting much with the flow of the wedding. That’s what “natural” in natural photography means.

Not that there isn’t posing up to a degree even in natural photography, but it’s a lot less than in photography which relies on posing. Group photos will always use posing, but later on, at the reception, in natural photography, the photographer will make himself/herself scarce, and only take photos of genuine laughs, tears, happiness, etc. Salons 113 team uses a combination of pose and natural wedding photography. That why we get the best of both worlds. Get in touch and we’ll make sure you get the best possible wedding photography.